Great blog man, and hot cock! Ha x

cheers man 

When are you bottoming?

Hopefully very soon, keep ya posted

That's good. So did you enjoy it? Does it make you look forward to bottoming more?

It does yeah!

Just wanted to say I love your blog. It's awesome how responsive you are to questions and it's hot to get a look into your life. :) Plus, the pictures don't hurt!

Thanks man, always nice to hear things like that

How did the dildo action go?

Not bad! Got halfway in which is good for a first try ha. It’s quite thick towards the end

Aww sorry to hear it's painful! Use plenty of lube and take deep breaths and the pain will soon pass :)

The lube is well and truly flowing. I have the head in, trying to push more in now. I have a LOT more respect for bottoms right now haha

take pics of you and the dildo ;)

Will do! This is painful btw. I will post a during pic when it’s comfortably in haha

Pics of before during and after the dildo please. Scratch that, a video. Pretty please x

I’ve not started yet but I’ll post a before picture now. If you’re lucky I’ll post a during